Why is it that so many smart, capable, successful people FAIL to LOSE WEIGHT and keep it off? How do otherwise intelligent people SABOTAGE themselves with unproductive habits like STRESS EATING and EMOTIONAL EATING?


The #1 complaint I hear in my work with people who want to lose weight is “I know what to do, but I can’t get myself to actually do it!”


Sound familiar? If you’ve ever tried to stick to a healthy eating plan but went off the rails under stress, please allow me to reassure you:


The issue is not a lack of will power.

No doubt you've heard all kinds of people saying you just need to “will” yourself to succeed. Or they say you have to “think positive.” And YOU KNOW that you have just as much WILL and DESIRE as anyone else to reach your goals, right?


So what's really going on?


Obviously your CONSCIOUS MIND knows what to do. You probably know enough about healthy eating to TEACH it to others! But it’s your UNCONSCIOUS MIND that can wreak havoc in your life.


Your conscious mind makes up about 5-10% of who you are, and your unconscious mind makes up the other 90 – 95%. You could muster up all the conscious will power in the world, but unless your unconscious is in agreement, you’re setting up a battle of the wills, which is a win/lose scenario. And guess who loses? You do.



One of the most common MISTAKES that people make when trying to lose weight is MISGUIDED goal setting.  They set their goals ONLY with their conscious mind, but FORGET to consider and INCLUDE the unconscious parts of themselves (like their emotions and core values). When that happens, they inevitably “miss the mark” because their conscious mind is aiming in one direction, but their unconscious mind pulls them strongly in the opposite direction.


There’s plenty of research to support this. In a Harvard Business School report titled “Goals Gone Wild,” the authors conclude that in many situations, the DAMAGING EFFECTS of this kind of goal setting OUTWEIGH its benefits. In fact, they assert that “misguided goal setting can emphasize the wrong things and lead to extreme behaviors. Even worse, abandoned goals tend to breed anti-motivational states of cynicism and hopelessness.”


How about you?


Have you ever ABANDONED your goals? Have you ever taken things to the EXTREME (like starving yourself or excessively exercising)? Worse yet, have you ever felt HOPELESS and wanted to GIVE UP?


The good news is that there IS a solution. You CAN learn how to CHANGE the way you set your goals to include your unconscious mind so you can AVOID missing the mark.

In the FINDING YOUR WHY course,

  • You’ll discover the FOUR HUMAN ENERGY QUADRANTS and why they are essential to your motivation.
  • You’ll learn how to engage both your CONSCOUS and your UNCONSCIOUS mind.
  • You’ll connect your goals with your CORE VALUES, the POWER OF YOUR EMOTIONS, and your HEART’S DESIRES.


This course will take you from confusion to clarity, from frustration to freedom as you learn:

  • Why certain types of goals are misguided and how to course correct
  • Where to aim your focus to avoid missing the mark
  • How to set a clear, laser focused intention, direction and purpose
  • How much easier life is when you remove internal blocks and resistance
  • How and when to reprogram your unconscious mind for maximum motivation
  • Who you are becoming as you give yourself permission to your live life at a level 10



  • Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions
  • Brief video lessons that reveal each of the core principles in an easy to understand format
  • An interactive workbook that guides you through the “Finding Your Why” goal setting process


PLUS there’s more:


You also get a BONUS Guided Visualization Audio to Reprogram Your Unconscious Mind

  • This powerful visualization helps you access your unconscious mind. You get to use your imagination to not only “mentally rehearse” but also “emotionally rehearse” how good your life can feel when your conscious AND unconscious goals are being met.
  • You will discover how to create a holographic image of your “WHY” and plant it like a seed into the rich fertile soil of your imagination. Over time, that seed will take root, sprout and grow as you listen over and over again, reprogramming your mind and body for success.
  • This process can be used not only for your weight loss goals, but also for ANY goal you set for yourself. As soon as you learn these core principles, you can apply them to EVERY area of your life.


Last but not least, you’ll also learn about the “quantum observer effect.” This is important because WHAT YOU FOCUS ON changes and influences what you experience. You get a printable page that you can customize and post in a prominent location in your home or office so you can focus on your “WHY” on a daily basis. Plus you can continue to listen to the guided visualization as often as you like to reinforce your learning and reprogram your inner mind.


“I lost 75 lbs in six months, and for me the key was an exercise Lauren suggested in finding my “why.” Once my “why” was clear, it gave me great clarity and focus. I was only going to do things that supported my why.” – Gordon G.


I’ve shared these principles with hundreds of clients like Gordon who were able to finally stop sabotaging themselves by applying what they learned in this course.


Are you ready to break free from your past patterns of self-sabotage once and for all? In invite you to discover the power of “Finding Your Why” today.


This course is valued at $199. Enroll now and save $100 with my “early release” special.


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Satisfaction Guarantee

We wholeheartedly guarantee the quality and value of this course. Because human beings are individual and results naturally vary (based on your own efforts and past experience), we are unable to promise specific results. Recovery from emotional eating is an ongoing journey and requires willingness, self-reflection, and education. The “Finding Your Why” course is one important step in an ongoing path of self-discovery.


Our commitment: For best results, watch the entire course, complete each of the exercises in the workbook, and listen to the guided visualization audio daily for 30 days (about 20 minutes per day). If after completion of the course you are not fully satisfied with the quality of this program, we will refund 90% of your investment.


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