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Private Coaching & Hypnotherapy FAQs

The psychology community accepts that 5-10% of behavior is conscious, and 90-95% is unconscious. Self-sabotaging behaviors, like emotional eating, are unconscious programs and therefore need to be addressed in the unconscious realm.

Hypnotherapy works by accessing the part of your mind that may be resisting change. Many people consciously desire to make a change (like eating healthfully), but often experience unconscious resistance to doing so. The unconscious mind has reasons for resistance and those reasons need to be addressed. Hypnotherapy uncovers the resistance, helping you release the blockages and access your powerful inner mind to more easily create the healing and behaviors you want.

With over 27 years of training and experience in this work, I have learned to listen deeply for the underlying issues so I can target my approach to serving you as a unique individual. My training and certifications include Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavior Coaching, HeartMath® Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Mindfulness Training. I focus on training and education, and provide you with specific tools to integrate the changes that we create together during your session.

Sessions last approximately 90 minutes. The first part of any session is dedicated to interview and discovery, and may include teachings about mastering emotions and thoughts, stress-reduction techniques, and/or self-hypnosis. The second half includes hypnosis to clear negative programs and to install desired outcomes in the inner mind.

The cost per session is $250 for a new client, then $200 for follow-ups. Ask about package savings when you pre-pay for 4 or more sessions.

Absolutely not. This is the biggest false notion about hypnosis that keeps many people from enjoying its benefits. The client is ALWAYS under complete control of everything she does and hears. The client can reject anything the hypnotherapist says at any time. In fact, I recommend to my clients that they change or fine tune anything I say so that it works best for them. I carefully listen to their feedback so I can give them exactly what they need to resolve their issue.

The hypnotic state is different for everyone. Some clients say it feels no different than normal except that their eyes are closed (I also do some eyes-open hypnosis). Some say it is a deeply relaxing state. Some clients report it is like when you are awake in the morning in bed hearing everything around you but your body doesn’t want to move.  It all depends on what we are working to accomplish together. Everyone responds differently. There is no “standard” way to feel.

This is very good news. You will probably want to use that strong will to get what you want faster than the average person. Hypnosis is a form of learning at the subconscious level. Everyone can be hypnotized to some degree (in fact, most of us have already been hypnotized by the messages from our culture, educational system, and media). I also focus on teaching you self-hypnosis. With practice, self-hypnosis is a skill that you get better and better at using for your own benefit.

This phrase “going under” comes from stage hypnotism which is an entirely different form of hypnosis with entertainment as the goal.  During most sessions, you will become deeply relaxed, and still be able to hear everything I say. Occasionally, your mind may wander and that is normal.  The messages and learnings still sink in.



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